Looking for a new apartment can be exciting; however, before making this big financial commitment, you need to be very careful with your decision making.

While you cannot prepare for everything ahead, there are ways you can make your transaction a pleasant one. Let’s take a look at 5 things every tenant wishes they’d known before renting an apartment:

1.     It’s all in the Details

2The lease you sign before gaining possession contains information that you simply cannot afford to not know.

From late payments and extra utilities’ charges to your rights as a tenant, it contains all essential details. Do not hesitate to bring the documents home. In fact, we encourage it.

Read it carefully. If any details are unclear, get a second opinion.

2.     Get Renter’s Insurance

Some people assume that their landlord’s insurance will cover everything for them. However, the fact is that it will be of no use if there is any damage to your personal property. Getting rental insurance is relatively inexpensive. Not only does it cover damage to your personal property, it also covers you in the event somebody gets injured in your house.

3.     Treat It Like A Home Purchase

To get the best deal, you must pretend as if you are buying a new house. Most tenants forget to ask questions that they would have asked when buying a house.

Ask if the house will need re-roofing or about a tiny hole that you see in the kitchen wall. You must find out all the relevant information about the house. You may have to live there for a long time.

4.     Do a Background Check on the Landlord

Your landlord is one person you will be dealing with a lot in the following years to come; you want to be sure you are renting with a reliable source.

Just conduct an online search to see if there are any violations of policies by the landlord or any complaints against him/her. If you find something fishy, it would be best if you moved on to another option.

5.     Not Checking the Neighborhood

Some people think that a neighborhood will not affect them in any significant manner. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Before renting, check the crime rate in the area. Also try to meet some people. Moreover, you can also check the community activities that take place in the neighborhood to get a better idea.

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