With summer upon us, it is time to think about what you can do to ready up your apartment. Although it is a great benefit to have maintenance staff on standby when you rent, but it won’t hurt to know a few maintenance tips.

In fact, you will know what to do for a temporary fix before the professionals arrive.

Garbage disposal and dishwasher

1The heat and humidity in the summers can trigger foul odors in the dishwasher.

To avoid it, make sure that you run it at least twice a week. Similarly, if the garbage disposal is giving off a bad smell, use some citrus juice to eliminate it.

Air conditioning

If you live in a hot region, it is a good idea to test out the air conditioner before you actually need it. You don’t want to turn it on and find hot air blasting through.

To avoid turning off the cooling completely, simply turn the temperature up when you are out. This approach is also more energy efficient compared to turning on the unit to full and running it for hours when you return.

Also, remember to shut all blinds and close drapes to keep cold and heat out.

Check plumbing

You don’t want to be left with poor water pressure, problematic fixtures or no water at all during the summers.

Make sure that all plumbing in the apartment is in good shape. Check if the water pressure is at full.

Any problems should be addressed beforehand to avoid waiting for repairs and installations later.

Change the direction of ceiling fans

2In order to cool down a room, the fan should rotate counter clockwise, as this creates a cooling effect enough to bring down the temperature by as much as 4 degrees. This is an energy efficient way to keep your apartment cool. If you don’t have ceiling fans, ask the landlord if you can have them installed or check if you can grab some good deals at your local store.

Know when to call maintenance

Typically any problem that is related to water or electricity should be left to the professionals.

A plumber should check leaking toilets, water fixtures, and any similar problems. If you notice any signs of problems, know that it is your right to have it fixed immediately or at least inform the maintenance crew that a problem needs their attention.

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