As an apartment tenant, your security concerns are unique. Living close to other tenants, as well as high volume of foot traffic in your complex, puts your apartment at an increased risk of burglary and intrusions.Untitled

Here are a few tips from the pros at Find It Apartment Locator to ensure that your apartment complex is safe along with a few suggestions:

Before You Move In

  • Find out local crime rates– When you finally come across the apartment you have always wanted, look up the local crime data in the vicinity. Ensure that you know about all the problematic and suspicious activities in the area before you sign the lease. Discuss the matter with the local police and also consider asking neighbors and landlords about criminal activities in the area.
  • Check lighting– Burglars tend to sneak around areas that are not well lit. Before moving into an apartment look up the hallways, parking, walkways and other areas to make sure they have enough light at night. If they are well-lit, there would be lesser chances of such incidents taking place.
  • Analyze general upkeep– Consider the general upkeep and the vibe your new apartment gives off. Water stains on the ceiling, cracked walls and poor plumbing could show a lack of attention from the landlord. Also check to see if the lawn and landscaping are well maintained. If the landlord is unwilling to take care of basic maintenance, he is probably not concerned about the general security.
  • Try out the peephole– A peephole is one of the most important tools to help protect your family and yourself. If there is no peephole, ask the landlord to install one before you move in.

After Moving In2

  • Buy additional locks– For added safety, make sure you purchase additional locks if the door relies on a simply knob lock. A deadbolt is generally harder to pick than a doorknob; so make sure you get one installed.
  • Purchase good blinds– Reliable blinds can help prevent intruders from peeking inside your apartment and being attracted by all the valuables. Use blinds that block visibility from the outside. Also remember to shut them whenever you go out.
  • Invest in a safe– A safe can be the last line to protect all your valuables like jewelry, money, firearms, and important documents. Safes are available in all shapes and sizes and can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Although a safe can’t guarantee ample protection for your apartment, it can certainly keep your most valuable possessions secure.

When renting an apartment, take your safety into your own hands. Don’t let your landlord dictate the security needs for you apartment. If you are looking for safe apartments in Dallas, remember to check out our apartment locator service today!

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