1So you have piled up the last box and bag in your apartment and it is time to unpack.

For most of us, this task can be an overwhelming experience. What should be unpacked first? Where should you put this? Should this go in first or that? The questions just keep pouring in.

To make the job easier, our pros at Find It Apartment Locator have put together a few tips that will help you settle in the new apartment easily:

Clean Up!

Even before you start moving the boxes around to the respective rooms, it is time to grab a mop and start cleaning.

While the landlord might have cleaned the house after the last tenant left, chances are there might still be dust and debris around. Besides, it will also help you get a clearer perspective of the placement of your belongings in your new home.

Set Up The Bed

Start with the bed. Assemble it into place and put up fresh linens. Once you are done with unpacking, you definitely would love having a bed ready to crash on.

The Essentials

Next up, the kitchen. Start unpacking all food items-place them like you want in the cabinets and refrigerator. If you don’t want to do this yet, line up everything on the kitchen top.

Get Used To The Bathroom

2Remember, you will instantly feel like you are home when you get used to the new bathroom. Fill up the cabinet, install a curtain and put up your towel.

Unpack Your Clothes

Get all your clothes out of the boxes and put them in the closet and drawers. This will also help you figure out any fixtures you need to install in the closet to accommodate your clothes.

Open Up Every Box

While most people prefer pushing the boxes that are full into storage until later, it might not be the best thing to do. Instead, open up every box, go through the contents and consolidate items you won’t use in a separate box. Pull out the things you need and put them in place.


As you proceed to emptying boxes you will come across some things that need to go in storage room and some that need to go in different parts of the home. Rearrange as you go.

Don’t Set Up The TV Just Yet

Wait till you settle in and everything is in order. You are highly likely to procrastinate on everything if you setup the TV first and sit back instead.

Use these tips and you will be settled in your new apartment in no time. Start your search for the right apartment with our Dallas apartment locator service today.

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