1Do you feel like you’re living in a shoe box? If that’s the case then you’re probably living in one of the several urban apartments known for small spaces.

You must face space issues while trying to store your belongings or simply exercising. There are definitely many struggles for those living in small apartments.

But what if we told you that we can help overcome these problems? Whether you only want to make it appear bigger and spacious, or want extra storage space, we have a few tips covering it all!

1.     Paint it red!

Not literally… Painting a wall in dark colors can make the interior look bigger. However, your landlord or apartment rental agency wouldn’t be too accommodating about the decision.

Instead, go with dark contact papers. They go up easy and come off without damaging the paint underneath. Darker shades of blue, green and yes, even red can make it look more spacious.

2.     Add some height

For extra space, you can add bed risers. This way, your bed will be lifted up, providing ample space to store items underneath.

Your closet space can be cleared up by putting some of the items in a suitcase of bag under the bed. You’ll also save floor space by shoving almost everything out of the way.

3.     Choose multipurpose furniture

2Multipurpose furniture can help meet all your needs in a limited space. If you can only fit either a bed or a couch, try a futon! You can sleep and watch a movie at night with the futon turned into a bed. Or, invite your friends and serve them tea on the now sofa! You can also find other transformative pieces including chairs/table, iron stands and bookshelves.

4.     Utilize as much space as you can

There are beds available with a number of chambers for storing clothes, shoes and other items. You can also get hanging packages to get these items in order. Choose shelves that can be stuck on the wall above you bed instead of a separate book shelf. You can also repurpose your writing desk into ironing or a dining table.

5.     Only buy what you need

Small apartments help you save on furniture and other household items too. Make smart decisions and buy only what you need. Items you want, but have no space to keep, can be bought when you move into a bigger property.

If you’re still having trouble, why not look for a bigger apartment? Our apartment locating service in Dallas can help you find an affordable rental quickly!

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